The lineup for Western Park Festival, Sat 7th July 2018

We would like to thank The Soundhouse, Leicester for the use of their venue to carry out a series of auditions in January/February 2018, where bands and acoustic artists were selected.

Thank you to all musicians who came along to audition and to the music lovers for your support.


Valley Stage
11:05 Paris Alexander (30mins)
11:45 The Whiskey Chasers (30mins)
12:30 Sean & Paddy (30mins)
13:10 Kelly Jenns (30mins)
13:50 The Fosse Music Collective (30mins)
14:35 Tequila Sunrise (30mins)
15:20 The Boodons (30mins)
16:45 James Cull (30mins)
17:25 TBA
18:10 Barracuda (30mins)
18:55 The Lab (30mins)

11:20 Jade Winder (25mins)
12:15 Hibword (25mins)
13:10 Christopher Moody (25mins)
14:05 CompreHend (25mins)
15:00 Guinevere (25mins)
15:55 Lex Icon (30mins)
16:55 The 40Hertz (30mins)
17:55 Dust & Debris – UK (30mins)
19:00 Ruby (15mins)

Main Stage
11:45 Gallows High (30mins)
12:40 Her Burden (30mins)
13:35 One Town Over (30mins)
14:30 Bellatones (30mins)
15:25 Not my good arm (30mins)
16:25 Kade Smith (30mins)
17:25 Elysian (30mins)
18:25 Dedbeats (35mins)
19:15 The Jav’lins (45mins)

Dog Training with K9 EDUCATION (found in stalls section)
BOOK onto this  by filling in the form at the K9 Stall.
12.30 – Clicker Clinic with Free Clicker
2.30 – Intelligence Games
4.30 – Trick Training

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