The lineup for Western Park Festival, Sat 30th July 2020

We would like to thank The Soundhouse, Leicester for the use of their venue to carry out a series of auditions, where bands and acoustic artists were selected.

Thank you to all musicians who came along to audition and to the music lovers for your support.


Valley Stage
12:15 The Southern Rumline (30mins)
13:00 Paul J Roberts (30mins)
13:45 TC Costello (30mins)
14:30 The Basement (30mins)
15:15 Dust & Debris (30mins)
16:00 Code Switch Theory(30mins)
16:45 The Quirks (30mins)
17:30 Revival (30mins)
18:15 Vietnam Flashbacks (30mins)


11:20 Takeover Radio Guests
12:40 Paris Alexander (25mins)
13:35 Ro Jordan (25mins)
14:30 Cassius(25mins)
15:25 Justice Beach
16:20 CompreHend (25mins)
17:15 Hartland Country (25mins)
18:10 Jesse Wright Band (30mins)
19:15 Takeover Radio


11:00 Brainstorm (20mins)
12:10 Tequilla Sunrise (30mins)
13:05 Finches of Attica (30mins)
14:00 Gallows High (30mins)
14:55 Ortega (30mins)
15:50 Bellatones (30mins)
16:45 Idle Empire (30mins)
17:45 One Town Over (30mins)
18:40 Her Burden (30mins)
19:25 The Zufflers (35mins)