Western Park Festival 2018, Sat 7th July

We’re Back!

Looking for somewhere to enjoy the start of the summer before the kids break up for the hols?

In it’s 7th year, Western Park Festival is set to be bigger and better than before.

Western Park Festival is a fabulous one day festival suitable for the whole family. There is plenty to do for everyone, whether it is taking part in workshops within the kidszone, browsing the various stalls at the street market, sampling the delicious array of hot foods or bathing in the sunshine listening to the many local bands and acoustic artists.

There will also be Lager, Real Ale and Cocktails on sale.

This year we are making an extra effort to be ECO- FRIENDLY and we hope that you will join in with us. Not only will we be encouraging green waste disposal but we will would really like you to use our recycled plate system, run by ReFiesta where you can hire a plate for £1 and then take it to your desired food trader to be served…Crock ‘n’ Roll!

Return your plate to the recycled plate zone and claim your refund (or leave it as a donation please)

Stalls and traders have started booking, the bands have been selected, the date has been booked… fingers crossed for some great weather on Saturday 7th July 2018.



Check out the music line-up goto our music page


5 thoughts on “Western Park Festival 2018, Sat 7th July

  1. Hi, me and a group of DJs have been putting on events in town and we where wondering if we could set up a marquee anywhere during your festival? It would be mainly a house sort of vibe so it wouldn’t take attention from other bands or acts and all of our music will be child friendly. I am aware that it is short notice but I have attended your events before and enjoyed them and i think we could add to it.

    If you would like to talk to me further please call me on 01162763720 or 07919285812.
    My name is Khi McPherson

    Thanks for your time

  2. if I don’t have a dog. can I still come and join the party? furthermore, if I can, do I need to register at the beginning.


  3. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, it is too late to include this time.

  4. Hi I am interested in holding a stall. I sell Hand made scented candles in vintage bone china. Also HAND MADE TIBETAN JEWELLERY.
    I have a face book page everything-beautifull if you want to view my items.

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